Youth Association

St Thomas JSOC Youth Association’s First Meet and Greet

Date of event: 9/3/2019

Hosted by – Alan Kakkassery, Shaun Philip, and Joel Joby

Welcome & Introductions

The youth association’s first meet and greet successfully began at 4:30 pm on Saturday the 9th of march. We started off with a prayer. Then to ensure everyone was comfortable and familiar with each other the coordinators started off with an ice breaking session, this involved everyone saying their name’s, what their occupation/education is, and an interesting fact about themselves and it allowed everyone to feel more at ease! Soon after, the coordinators excited us with an ice breaker game of zip/zap/bong, it was an extremely fun game that really made everyone come out of their shells.

Spiritual Message

Then we were fortunate enough to hear a few wise words from our vicar, Rev Fr.Dr.Biji Markose, for about 30 minutes where he discussed the life of Samson, from the book of judges, and how he resembles mankind today and our sins. It was an enlightening speech and it forced us to think about the way we lead our lives.

Fellowship Activities

Then right after, the coordinators put us into 3 random teams of five people and began a series of activities in which each team had to earn points to win! The first game was Pictionary and it involved many characters from the bible whom we had to draw and make our teams guess. The next game was pinning a feature of a historical biblical figure to the correct place, whilst one team member was blindfolded, and the team would guide them to the correct place. Then before breaking up for a 10-minute break, the final game involved imitations of people within our community and the best impression won the point!

After our 10-minute break, we returned to one more game, this involved the coordinators asking bible related questions and the first two teams with the correct answers brought up a team member to be blindfolded and correctly guided to a balloon which represented the points. It was a very exciting session and truly every youth member had plenty of fun.

Q&A with Vicar

Then before ending our action-packed session, we had a very interesting and insightful question and answer session with Fr. Biji, it involved many detailed questions that were anonymously asked from our youth group that was not usually asked within our society and our vicar, Fr. Biji, managed to deliver the answers very pleasantly and in a way the youth community felt interested.

Our session came to an end at 7:00pm, and majority of the youth members stayed for the evening prayer conducted by our vicar, Fr.Biji.


Report by Alin Aji (PR Team)