Coronavirus – The steps we are taking

Coronavirus precautions to be followed during the Holy Qurbana:

  1. We would kindly request all elder members with or without medical conditions and anybody with cold, fever, cough and other symptoms to stay home for the next few weeks. If any member is unable to come to Church and is urgently in need of Holy Qurbana the priest shall bring it to their home according to his convenience.
  2. Those who come to the Church must go to the bathroom on arrival and wash their hands with hot water and soap. Then everyone should sanitise their hands with sanitising gel provided at the entrance area of the church.
  3. All the liturgical handlings shall continue as usual. If anyone is afraid that divine peace exchange will cause infection for them, she/he can choose not to do it. And only those who truly believe that the Priest is giving him/her the true blood and body of Jesus Christ sanctified by the Holy Spirit shall receive Holy Qurbana. When receiving the Holy Qurbono all should keep their mouths as wide as possible so that the Priest’s fingers will not touch your mouth. The water will be given in disposable cups individually.
  4. We will be cancelling Sunday School, Prayer Meetings, Vanitha Samajam, Youth Meetings and Food after Holy Qurbona until further notice. The members are advised to leave church immediately after Holy Qurbana.